HSEQ policy

We are committed to be recognised as a leading organisation for Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) management within our operational areas.

“No harm to people, No environmental incidents, No damage to property”.

Enterprise risk management

Fred. Olsen Ocean (FOO) has established and implemented a system based on ISO 31000 for managing risks throughout the organisation.

A key principle is the ‘bottom up approach’ – escalation of risks from tenders, projects, though companies to corporate. The risks are grouped in seven areas: technical, economical, commercial, operational, project, HSE and major accident hazards.

The management teams throughout the organisation conduct monthly reviews to evaluate their risks against a common set of risk criteria. The ‘top 5 risks’ from each level are reported, including actions to be taken to treat the risks.

The enterprise risks are logged in a SharePoint risk database sytem, enabling a common platform for communicating the risks.

Operational risk management

Our governing document for safety, the FOO HSE Manual, specifies that all activities that may include hazards will be risk assessed. Depending on the nature of the activity or project, and regulatory and client requirements, the risk assessments may be documented in several ways:

  • Project Risk Registers
  • Operational Risk Assessments (ORA)
  • Design Risk Assessments (DRA)
  • Risk Assessments (RA)
  • Task Risk Assessments (TRA)

A HAZID workshop is conducted at the start of each project to identify relevant risks and to allocate responsibilities for risk treatment. When the operational procedures have been developed, the project conducts a HAZOP workshop to review that all risks have been assessed and properly dealt with.

Trend analyses from HSE incidents and near misses have shown that insufficient risk awareness is the most common contributing cause. As a measure to create a safe work place, all FOO employees undertakes training in ‘Take2’ last minute risk assessment technique. Currently more than 600 employees in FOO have received this training.

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